Kimchi hill

Storytelling Framework for SaaS Metrics

Many startup founders in the SaaS industry are asked to use data metrics for different purposes such as fundraising, board meetings, and regular KPI reviews. As a result, there is an incredible amount of content available online about SaaS metrics and their underlying definitions. However, few articles explain how companies can leverage their data metricsContinue reading “Storytelling Framework for SaaS Metrics”

Why I joined SendBird and Why do I stay?

I’ve conducted more than 200 job interviews since May of 2015 for applicants at SendBird. Given our steep growth rate over the past two years, these interviews have been happening with more frequency. At the end of the interview, I always try to spare time to listen to the candidate and answer any questions theyContinue reading “Why I joined SendBird and Why do I stay?”

Lessons learned from SendBird’s SaaS Pricing Strategy

Pricing is the most important decision that determines both product and company value. Unfortunately, many startup entrepreneurs are prone to price their product too low due to reasons such as competition and lack of confidence in their product’s market-fit. Likewise, SendBird’s first price was $49 a month. With that price point, we weren’t able toContinue reading “Lessons learned from SendBird’s SaaS Pricing Strategy”