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10 SaaS newsletter startup founders must subscribe

Let’s get straight to the main point. By the way, I excluded newsletters published by SaaS companies (e.g., ChartMogul’s SaaS Roundup, etc.)

1. SaaStr


It is a newsletter provided by SaaStr, the world’s most prestigious SaaS-related community. It no longer operates a landing page where you can sign up for its Newsletter alone as before, but the SaaStr community itself offers a variety of information such as SaaStr events and qualified content.

2. The SaaS Playbook


It’s a community based newsletter formed by a group of SaaS founders. It rarely has any notable commercial backgrounds and the quality of the content is relatively high.

3. forEntrepreneurs Newsletter


It is a blog and newsletter created by a famous VC, David Skok of Matrix Partners. You can meet high-quality blog posts not only on SaaS topics but also on startups in general. In particular, there are a number of blogs presenting analytical perspectives of Matrix Partners

4. Predictable Revenue Newsletter

Predictable Revenue shares quite useful blog posts related to B2B and SaaS Sales. If you are a sales leader of SaaS startup, I strongly recommend you to join. What’s interesting is that, unlike its name, it does not seem to have direct relationship with “Predictable Revenue,” the best-selling B2B sales bible.

5. Openview Partners Newsletter


It is a newsletter from Openview Partners, a famous VC in Silicon Valley that first created the concept of Product-led Growth. In addition to articles on product-led growth, it offers extensive insights about SaaS operations and startup cultures.

6. Bessemer Venture Partners Newsletter


It is an e-mail newsletter from Besmer Venture Partners, which is the famoust VC for its SaaS investments. It’s also well-known for its thought leaderships in cloud-based SaaS businesses including State of Cloud and Cloud 100. Some articles have often been cited in this Kimchi Hill blog.

7. ProductLed.com Newsletter


2021 is the year when the buzz of “product-led growth” paradigm spread widely as the new concept of SaaS GTM. This is a newsletter published by Wes Bush, who wrote a product-led growth book, and is designed to make product-led growth easier to access.

8. Tomasz Tunguz


It’s the personal blog of Tomasz Tunguz (VC at Redpoint Ventures) and shares two short but (strong, very powerful) blogs a week. This is strongly recommended for SaaS founders.

9. Brian Balfour


It is a newsletter that sends a blog post of Brian Balfour, CEO of Reforge. Previously, he was in charge of VP of Growth at HubSpot. His newsletter handles In-depth reflection on product, customer acquisition, and growth marketing.

10. Kimchi hill


If it’s annoying to sign up for all newsletters introduced above, you can only sign up for this one thing. Anyway, the owner reads all of the above nine newsletters, and select only the relevant and highly qualified articles to send out to his audiences. In addition, this publishes an orginal content once a month writing on startups, cloud and API economies, SaaS sales and marketing.

I recently have made a new Kimchi Hill newsletter. Thank you for reading this so far, and please subscribe!

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